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I am an artist and illustrator based in the seaside village of Thirroul, south of Sydney.

My free-ranging experiences as a child growing up in the bushy outskirts of Sydney gave me a love of the patterns and textures to be found there and in the wider landscape. Tangles of sticks and foliage, rusted corrugated iron sheds, the cluttered shapes of houses scattered along the Illawarra coastline, or the debris that washes up on its shores - all provide an endless source of inspiration. Many of my drawings suggest that there might be a story lurking somewhere in them, even when they are not illustrating a specific text, as much of my working life has been as an illustrator of magazines and books on travel, gardening or accounting.

In 2006 my first children's picture book, The Nightfish, was published. A milestone for me as children's literature has been an abiding interest ever since I first discovered some old volumes of fairy tales in a bookcase at my grandmother's house.

I am currently working on a couple of other children's book manuscripts as well as a series of pastel drawings inspired by sea and shore and have taken up woodwork in order to perfect the craftsmanship of my assemblages.

All in my new studio with its wonderful natural light!!!

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