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The Nightfish

My first published children's book! Written and illustrated by me and published in 2006 by the Five Mile Press

Publication: The Nightfish 

Author + Illustrator: Helen McCosker

Published by: The Five Mile Press

Year: 2006

Original Artworks: Oil on Canvas

Brief storyline:

Ant loves fishing with his father. One night, he catches a fish that glows like a star in the sea. Ant calls it his nightfish and takes it home where its luminous glow lights his bedroom. Out of the sea, the nightfish gradually fades and Ant searches for food to restore it to its former brilliance. Meanwhile, the other creatures of the sea are upset about the loss of their ‘lightfish’. In retribution, they steal the harbour lights, street lights and even the lighthouse! Ant realises that the only way to correct the chaos is to return the nightfish to the sea.


"...McCosker’s stunning paintings use colour to wonderful effect - deep blues and purple for the night scenes, amber and gold for the radiant bedroom, sharp aqua and yellow for blindingly bright daylight hours. Children will also love the challenge of searching for the pelican in every scene.." (QLD Premier's Reading Challenge, 2009)



This book is currently out of print. However, there are some copies still available if you try some of the links below:

Where to buy:


Books Direct

World of Books

Abe Books


Reviews, Synopsis:

Aussie Reviews - Helen McCosker

Premiers Reading List, QLD, 2009

Google books

National Library of Australia

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