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I am excited to announce that my artwork 'A Final Species' has been selected as one of the finalists in the National Capital Art Prize!!!! Hooray! I'd love you to vote for me (as many times as you like) in the People's Choice section Just click on the star under my work (number 19 in the Sustainability section).

The full list of finalists and details about the exhibition can be found on their website

'A Final Species?' - more from the current series I am working on. Some of my other work is developing into very large drawings of plastic tangles (much like what is building in the ocean), but some pieces have stayed little... like these ones.

This is my process for creating a tangle... starting with a pastel colour-wash overlaid with tangles of line using an electric eraser and coloured graphite pencils. This final image I have included in my new 'A Final Species?' series which also incorporates assemblage made from junk found on the sea shore.

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